Helped users earn more money working on part-time shifts


WorkWhileJob is a job marketplace service that connects workers and business owners. Product consists of mobile job board for workers and web CRM for employers.

I’ve worked with WorkWhile for almost 2 years in 2020-2022. During this time we have worked together on several projects that improved the experience of both personas – business owners and workers.

Project overview

I’ve worked with WorkWhileJobs for a long time, but no project excited me more than creating the gamification flow for the workers.

One of the biggest WorkWhile problems was mobile app retention. They’ve asked me to create a flow that will motivate workers to take on more shifts, and keep using the product.

Design process

My approach in this project aligned with the Design thinking wheel. First, I’ve mapped the current user flow to identify the biggest user drop outs. Then, I’ve prototyped a solution so we could quickly test and iterate.

Improving user flow

After a few research sessions with WorkWhile sales team I was able to understand the current user behavior and emphatize with the workers needs a little bit better. During the discovery phase I’ve formed a few hypotheses that we could later validate by user testing.

User flow – as is

User journey flow describing actions from searching for a shift till the end of the shift and waiting from the payment.

User flow – to be

User journey flow describing actions from searching for a shift till the end of the shift and waiting for payment


New user flow kept balance between workers motivation, action and possible reward. I wanted to also focus on creating compelling copy that will be informative, but also one that will speak to the workers needs.

Design system

Since I’ve worked with a WorkWhile for a long time I was able to learn more about design systems and put this knowledge into practice. It was a great challenge to create design system but also to expand it and work with it for a longer period of time.

Sneak peek of DS documentation

Looks nice right now, but we changed the neutrals quite a few times 😅

Sneak peek from Figma’s component library

WorkWhile was one of the first products where I had the time to be a little bit more geeky about the Design system. I could master am still trying to master Figma abilities to create a perfectly useful variants.

Visual layer

Nevertheless I was able to play with an eye-catching illustrations and gamify the usually very simple & minimalistic UI. It was so fun & fulfilling!

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